INSURGENCY INC, born out of ‘the need to combat societal apathy,’ is a Los Angeles based collective that pulls together the talents of unique individuals from varying disciplines such as painting, fashion, photography and writing.  Having launched their mission in 2008 via t-shirts for the homeless, the movement soon morphed into a blog featuring the rants, raves and inspired writings from it’s members though-out the country. Primarily focused on spreading their mission via writing, street art came naturally to them in late 2010 as a means of advertising their blog and it soon morphed into a more an outlet of image based artistic expression as an extension of their blog.

INSURGENCY INC’s mission to ‘force one into self-evaluation and thereby hopefully into self-motivation’ can now be experienced not only in the streets of LA, but also across the country. They cleverly and craftily place everyday imagery with out of context ‘lifestyle’ copy to re-appropriate the imagery to evoke emotional responses, each marked with their own striking brand of propaganda. This revolutionary team is out to change your lifestyle, not just awaken your senses.

*Home page photo courtesy of Colors in Los Angeles