The artist Leba has been active in the street art scene, from the West to East coast, since the beginning of last decade. Leba 
is recognized and admired for combining biting social commentary and fine art imagery into his street art.  Leba is unafraid to speak his mind with a spray can, as on his highly controversial, yet loved, Census billboards and much lauded American Apparel advert takeovers.   He is expertly skilled in transforming not only imagery, but also in transforming the audience’s viewpoints, both politically and culturally via paste-ups such as his ‘George
Washington Vampire.’ Leba’s street art is always relevant, exploratory, skillfully crafted, and many times, politically charged. He is skilled in many mediums: sculpting, wheat pasting, stencil cutting, and hand painting directly onto walls with a paintbrush, and he skillfully conforms each medium to the needs of each piece. It is this combination of intelligence and raw talent that has made him one of the most admired and intriguing LA street artists among his peers and street art supporters around the globe.