Standing in the midst of it all, neither higher nor lower, with all those who are working and struggling is The $tatus Faction, aka T$F.  Located in Hollywood & established in 2007,  T$F is a multi-dimensional collective composed of artists, designers, musicians, and elite creative individuals.  Bonded thru respective past experiences, and fueled by congruent future ideologies, this group is determined to resist conformity.

The $tatus Faction was formed by members of L.A.’s highly respected L.T.S. graffiti crew, the world famous custom printmaking HIT+RUN crew, and New York City’s shining H.B.T.K. graffiti crew.  Simultaneous to aging, they started growing tired of the common practice and resentful of our culture’s present state.  The name Status Faction is obviously a verbal play on “satisfaction” – something missing in our lives.  It is also a description of the people willing to remove themselves from compliance.  Those passionate about creating something absent from society but not to exploit it, rather relish in the success of it’s construction.  T$F, although not opposed to it, was never founded on any ideas regarding financial gain.  It’s an opportunity for us to create the ideal mental and physical environment together.