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The Rotting Wall: 3/22/11

“If God is real, it has to be the greatest designer of all time.”

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Best thing ever.

Video by Homo Riot.

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Who’s Who in the Zoo x SEPTERHED: DAY 2 Fashion Week Invasion

We brought Septerhed to the party on Friday at Concept LA’s first night of runway shows. He brought paint, pasters and an interactive wall full of all the party goers pics and anything else they wanted to add.

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Who’s Who in The Zoo x LEBA: Fashion Week Day 1

Last Thursday TSUS made their first official appearance with Leba painting a 16ft x 11ft wall live during the Concept LA fashion week kick-off party at the ACE Gallery.

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Leba: The man and a mask.

Let this blow your mind. Video by Leba & Borba.

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The Leba Interview x The Dirt Floor.

Leba will make you want to vandalism things in the name of intelligence. And you should do it. Be warned, but you should still read this: “In a time where leadership has continuously failed us and consumerism seeps into and shapes every experience of our lives, how does one balance the vulgar displays of power […]

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Weekend warriors.

A weekend in the life of street art fanatics…

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 2010-2011   Read Zombie’s bio here.  

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Insurgency Inc likes to refer to itself as the ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ and there is no better descriptor. Headquartered in LA, Insurgency Inc has members in Vegas, Detroit, Boston, New York, and right around the corner.   Each with its own specific mission. People often ask, “an Insurgency against what?”  The answer given is […]

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The first piece of street art by Leba I ever saw in person was his Census/prison billboard. So simple, yet so perfectly relevant and hard-hitting. Of all the street artists collected on this website, Leba is certainly the most elusive. Seeing his art on the streets is like glimpsing a celebrity. You know they exist […]

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