2wenty: Street Art Gallery

In the very beginning of 2011, I was standing outside a little street art gallery in Echo Park enjoying the crowd, art, and friendly conversations.  Someone grabbed my attention and asked, “Have you met 2wenty?”  Up until this point, I was only familiar with his iconic ‘Facebook Social Cigarettes’ street work and I am always eager to meet an artist.  Moments later I had a homemade Social Cigarettes box sticker pack in my hand was greeted by 2wenty himself.  Little did I know that first gift would be one of many and the beginning of a friendship.

2wenty has gained national notoriety for his Social Cigarettes imagery and was thrust into the Los Angeles street art limelight.  When speaking with him, you would never think this humble artist had such a meteoric rise in the street art world.

What you don’t know about 2wenty is his ability to create with a myriad of mediums, his diligent work ethic, and well grounded personality.  2wenty pioneered giving away art on the street via scavenger hunts and is quick with a gift for those around him.   This artist has completely dedicated himself to the street art community and his new lifestyle.  He is always supporting others and assisting with large projects.   One of his artistic goals is to just help others make their art happen – something we completely understand.   In tune with the street art community and always conscience to reflect it in a positive light, 2wenty has become a very positive undercurrent of success through his generous gift of time and effort for other artists.

TSUS* wants to do the same for 2wenty.  He is a talent with big ideas and we are excited to help make them a reality.