The $tatus Faction: Street Art Gallery

The $tatus Faction first caught our eye through their street work years ago, probably with one of the ‘That Shit’s Fresh’ pieces, because that shit was fresh.

Our first meeting with The $tatus Faction, a year or so after we first learned of their work, earned our respect for them as one of the hardest working and most dedicated street crews in Los Angeles and placed them at the top of our list of artists we hoped to one day work with.  We had been helping a friend prepare for his shop opening and the entire T$F crew was right there with us, prepared with hammers, ladders, and paintbrushes in hand. No one knew they were responsible for getting the doors open on time that night, but that’s how they wanted it, it wasn’t about them – they wanted to help the community as a whole, but didn’t want any of the credit.

This little story is indicative of The $tatus Faction as a whole – a constant and always inspiring presence in the street art world, but all the while keeping a personal low profile and letting their work and it’s message speak for itself. They have built an untouchable reputation of talent, street cred and limitless imagination and all with a sense of humor that sets them apart from the pack and portrays just a glimpse of the intelligence behind it all. The $tatus Faction is an artistic force to be reckoned with from street work, to fine art, to performance art. There is nothing they can’t do.  And we are excited to be able to prove that to the world.

Find all their pics of street work and more here.