MIND CONTROL – Opens August 5th

On August 5th, The Site Unscene in conjunction with Physical Goods are proud to present MIND CONTROL featuring artists Eddie Colla, Bughouse, Destroy All Design, DD$ and Insurgency Inc.

Mind Control: Opening Reception

8:30 – Midnight, Friday, August 5th, 2011

Peep Show Gallery

1621 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

MIND CONTROL is a curated study upon the topic of mind control as expressed via the imaginations of some of Los Angeles and San Francisco’s most well known street & fine artists.  The curated show allows each artist to interpret the concept of “mind control” in a way personal to them and their work. The influence of the advertising, media, peers and society as a whole has a hold on each of our mind’s that is not only hard to ignore, but often times hard to even recognize. MIND CONTROL aims to shed light onto the constant bombardment of our minds by these outside influences, in a hope to support the idea of thinking for oneself. The opening night event will be the first in a month long series of events.

The artists exhibiting in MIND CONTROL inlcude: San Francisco based street artist Eddie Colla, Los Angeles design studio Bughouse, LA street artist Destroy All Design, LA street/fine art trio DD$, and Los Angeles based lifestyle collective Insurgency Inc.

Eddie Colla: There is a visual conversation that takes place on the streets of urban environments. This conversation is dominated primarily by advertising and utilitarian signage and assumes passive participation. Whether invited or not I am going to participate in this conversation. Public spaces were never intended to be coated from top to bottom with photos of consumer products. These spaces should, in some manner, reflect the culture that thrives in that space. More on Eddie Colla http://eddiecolla.tumblr.com.



Bughouse: BUGHOUSE, an art and design studio based out of Los Angeles, is creative duo Rebecca Johnson & Jeff Klarin. Bughouse creates original artwork and handmade furniture that is dark-humored and inspired by vintage ephemera, pharmaceuticals and music paraphernalia.



Rebecca Johnson was born and raised in Los Angeles where she operates as one half of the art and design business, Bughouse. Her medium is chosen by what is most appropriate for the subject and mood, ranging from painting to mixed media to photography.  Her subject matter often has a dark comedic sensibility. Her political illustrations have appeared in the publications “The Design of Dissent”, “Yo! What Happened to Peace” , “Reproduce and Revolt”, exist in the permanent collection of the Center for Study of Political Graphics and have been exhibited in Europe and Japan as part of a traveling exhibition.  As a designer, her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.


Jeff Klarin lives and works in Los Angeles as part of Bughouse.  Exploring and pushing the boundaries of conventional fabrication and visual representation is what drives his creations. Many of his mixed-media pieces utilize photography, painting, illustration and transfer techniques that create organic ‘accidents’ that unexpectedly alter and transform the creative process. Using recycled wood and found materials is a recurring methodology in his work. Jeff has shown in both solo and group exhibitions in Japan and the US, and has received extensive coverage in British and European publications. He is in the collections of numerous film and music industry professionals.”The collective iconography of our modern culture can be used in visual representation to unite people to question how we interrelate and thus create commonality and compassion.” For more info in BUGHOUSE, please visit their website here: bughouse.com



Destroy All Design: Destroy All Design’s philosophy is just that, destroy everything you know in order to realize what true design is. The joystick image, iconic to Destroy’s work, is a symbol of simplified design, represents a time when design was simple, and serves as a symbol for his visual manifesto. With a background in graffiti, it is the unique mix of writing skill combined with an expert design eye that makes his street work so recognizable and appealing. Find more info on Destroy All Design at his website:  www.destroyalldesign.com.

DD$: DD$, aka The

Double D’s, is another incarnation of famed street crew CYRCLE. DD$ is a three man collective, each artist comes from different backgrounds of the artistic spectrum- graffiti, fine art, and design. They utilize negative and oppressive imagery to create hope and inspiration. DD$ strives to shed light on otherwise dark matters, playfully exposing the gray areas of life.



INSURGENCY INC: INSURGENCY INC’s mission is to ‘force one into self-evaluation and thereby into self-motivation.’ The collective, made up of artists, writers, photographers and revolutionaries, creates art that involves the use of everyday imagery with out of context ‘lifestyle’ copy to re-appropriate the imagery in a means to evoke emotional responses, while their blog and lifestyle installations at events throughout LA intend to achieve the same within their audience’s lives. Check their world at http://insurgencyinc.com.



Mind Control is curated by us, The Site Unscene, and is brought to you by Physical Goods. We are so excited to work Physical Goods, created by our friend Brian Meiler, and based curerently based out of The Peep Show Gallery, where Brian recently curated the show 5, which featured our very own HOMO RIOT.  Physical Goods is a multi-platform, artist collective, gallery/store  – it is the future of art & retail, making great art available to the masses in unique ways.

We are so honored to be working with this amazing group of artists, and we hope you are just as excited to see what they bring to MIND CONTROL. Mark your calendars now and prepare. See you there.

For more information or to reach any of the artists involved, click here or send us an email at info@thesiteunscene.com. See more work from the artists below.

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