A History of Queer Street Art

A History of Queer Street Art

Opening Reception: February 9th, 2012

Physical Goods Gallery, Hollywood, California

Curated by HOMO RIOT & Jeremy Novy

Images by Tom Andrews & Jennifer Leigh Strauss

Featuring the works from: Adrian & Shane, Eddie Colla, Paul Le Chien, HOMO RIOT, prvtdncr and Bodega Vendetta, Jilly Ballistic, Jeremy Novy, PIXELSTUD, Pastey Whyte, Gay Shame, Inept, Blanche & Rico, Akimbo, Sara Thustra, New Punk Bobby, CLOUDZ, Huge Lee Man, Adam Infantcide, Queer Nation, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Wall Kandi, Precious Little, Daryl Vocats, OxGxT, Gaystencil, Opus Gay, Aluminum Shoe, ACT UP, Grand Fairy, OSCAR, Party Boy, and Cop Dad.

Interview with HOMO RIOT regarding the exhibition on Obey HERE.