The Exchange Project: Series 1



CARTWHEEL & The Navarro Residence present

The Exchange Project: Series 1

May 12, 2012, 6:00 – 11:00pm

The Navarro Residence

5704 Baltimore St. Los Angeles CA 90042


CARTWHEEL and The Navarro Residence are proud to present The Exchange Project, a unique one night exhibition of New York art on LA soil. This interesting collaboration between the newly launched CARTWHEEL and the quickly rising Navarro Residence is set to be the first of several yearly art and artist “exchanges” cultivated by the duo. Series 1 of this inaugural project features the work of three New York artists never before exhibited on the West Coast, Patrick Porter, RADICAL! and Scott Michael Ackerman.

Albany based watercolor artist, Patrick Porter, also a writer and a musician, began painting simply as a way to earn extra cash. Since launching his fine art career in 2007, his work quickly garnered attention within the New York art scene and soon led to international recognition and commissions as well as an extensive biography of work. Porter considers painting his purest and most enjoyable pursuit.

RADICAL!, an upstate New York based artist, creates work based on his surroundings and his social observations of those surroundings. It is his unique commentary and interpretation of these experiences that give his work the depth and insight that have established him as one of the most interesting New York artists currently working. RADCIAL!ʼs most recent works focus on the play between fear and human interaction.

Scott Michael Ackerman, a self-taught “outsider” artist, began his artistic career in 2000 and has since become one of the busiest New York artists around. He is celebrated for honest, relatable and colorful work. Painting almost exclusively on found objects, Ackerman uses acrylics, house paint, spray paint, oil sticks and ink.

The Navarro Residence is proud to partner with CARTWHEEL for this most recent exhibition and for presenting these three outstanding artists for the first time in Los Angeles via The Exchange Project. The Navarro Residence, a residential setting which houses the extensive collection of collector and curator Jessica Navarro, was created to be a unique venue that promotes an atmosphere of both education and of experimentation with art collection. Designed to spark interest in new collectors as well as introduce experienced buyers to emerging artists, the space offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience “living with art.”

CARTWHEEL serves as a portal for art news, art events, and arts coverage. From major contemporary openings to small, exclusive underground shows, the site delivers the most current and fastest-emerging players in the alt-art world. CARTWHEEL provides event planning and installation, corporate art acquisition, and individual collection consulting for its artists and clients. In any form, the company seeks to inform, connect, and support offbeat art and cultural events, as well as link artists and collectors in order to support new, emerging, and innovative forms of art. From its epicenter on the West Coast, CARTWHEEL offers fresh perspectives on new art from across the world.

The Exchange Project is supported by The Site UnScene and NELAart. NELAart is dedicated to increasing the visibility of the thriving arts community in the Northeast area of Los Angeles. The Site UnScene works with galleries, artists and art lovers to “help make art happen” in new and unique ways.


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